Development Coaching for Individuals

All of us experience, at times in our lives, moments when significant opportunities or challenges open up which create within us both a sense of excitement and anticipation and also doubt and uncertainty.   Will the skills, capabilities and experience that have brought me to where I am be adequate to the next challenge?  What else do I need to be successful in a new or more complex role and how do I learn and grow and perform all at the same time?   Working with a coach or trusted other can be very helpful in navigating successfully through these transitional times and moving forward with clarity, energy and confidence.

My approach to coaching for development is to help clients understand how they currently perceive their world, their role in it and what they have to draw on in terms of skills, capabilities and attributes.  I help them clarify what underlying beliefs and values shape their behaviour – both consciously and unconsciously – and what values and sense of purpose provide energy and direction.  All of us create stories or narratives about our lives to help make sense of who we are, how our lives have been shaped by people, events and experiences and what we have to draw on in terms of skill and capability. Periodically, however, it can be helpful to re-examine and perhaps challenge these narratives to allow for renewal, growth or transformation.  Frequently, a shift in perception or new understanding can transform what have appeared to be major barriers, blocks or obstacles, revealing unexpected options, building a new sense of purpose and the confidence to take risks and try different approaches.

The following model has been very influential in informing my approach to coaching and illustrates the various “lenses” through which clients can examine their experience to date and pathways for moving forward in with energy and confidence.

6 Domain Model of Executive Coaching

Modified from Brunning 2001

domain diagram

To develop self is to uncover. We need to find rather than change, plumb and explore rather than alter. We need to integrate.

Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.

Henry Mintzberg

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else

Margaret Mead