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No-one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it

H.E. Luccock

Working in a really good team and achieving great outcomes can be one of the most satisfying – and most challenging – experiences we can have. Teams are never static; you can’t set and forget, but while most people spend a significant part of their working lives in teams, the dynamics of how teams work and how to effectively lead and work through those dynamics are often dismissed with a simplistic approach.

I work with teams and team leaders to help them understand and pay attention to the dynamics that influence the ways people and groups behave. I help them put in place processes and approaches that enable them to become creative, high performing teams with experience, knowledge and wisdom they can transfer to future teams, either as team members or team leaders.

I’ve worked with teams that face very different challenges:

  • new and startup teams looking to build a basis of trust as well as clarity around goals, objectives and purpose
  • virtual teams where team members may rarely or never have an opportunity to meet face to face
  • teams where there’s a significant need for collaboration between multidisciplinary or cross-organisational groups or where there has been major stress, dysfunction or conflict
  • project teams that need to form and reform quickly and continually
  • executive and senior leadership teams struggling with dynamics around status and power, as well as the need to balance individual business unit and whole of organisation outcomes

Teams often find it helpful to review concrete data as a starting point for potentially uncomfortable conversations about dynamics and performance. I’ve played a major role in developing the Knowledge Teams Effectiveness Profile, which provides a valid and reliable measure of team dynamics and suggests priority areas for action to enhance performance. For more information about this very useful tool, go to

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Teams will experience some similar but also some very different dynamics depending on their stage of development

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